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Study: Romanian managers are confident that salaries will increase in 2022 and the labor market crisis will continue

Romanian managers are confident that in 2022 salaries will increase in Romania in the main business sectors and that it will be even more difficult than this year to recruit new employees. These are the findings of an opinion barometer conducted among Romanian managers by EXEC-EDU, the market leader in executive education, the top segment of the training market.

Thus, 59% of those surveyed believe that salaries in the main business sectors of the local economy will continue to increase next year, while 34% believe that their level will remain similar to 2021.

The majority of managers (78%) believe that it will be even more difficult to hire in 2022, while 19% say the process will be easier, while the rest say it depends on the industry, the company, and the skills required. For comparison, 89% of respondents say it was also rather difficult to recruit employees in 2021.

“The pace of the pandemic has slowed globally, and Romanian managers believe that the labour market, which has been slightly stuck this year, will press the accelerator pedal next year. Selecting and recruiting candidates for management roles with the new skills required by the pandemic is a challenge for most companies, and this market trend is reflected in the growing demand for management programmes. It is essential for managers to learn new skills that are so necessary today, such as entrepreneurship, agility, critical thinking, resilience or emotional intelligence”, says Oana Scarlat, CEO EXEC-EDU.

When asked about the increase in the gross minimum wage, which will rise to 2,550 lei from 1 January 2022, more than 90% of managers surveyed agree with this increase. At the same time, they consider that it is not normal for salaries in state-owned companies to be much higher than in private companies.

Regarding the level of wages in their industry, more than half of the respondents (51%) say that they increased in the first half of 2021. A similar percentage (49%) say that salaries in their companies also increased during this period, which means that only half of the companies followed the market trend.

Managers from industries such as retail, IT, oil and gas, gaming, education, FMCG, banking, agribusiness, courier, transport, consulting responded to the EXEC-EDU survey, conducted in May. Respondents occupy middle management (64%), top management (28%), business owner (8%) positions.

Some 47% of respondents work in companies with a turnover of more than €10 million, 21% work in companies with a turnover of €5-10 million, and 33% are in companies with a turnover of less than €5 million.