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Romanian firefighters on a mission in Greece to be deployed to put out fires in Kryftes and Vilia

Romanian fire forces and crews in Greece will be deployed in two separate areas – Kryftes and Vilia, after they acted in Attica, on Sunday, where the fire is no longer burns with an open flame, and the missions assigned to them are related mainly to surveillance, monitoring and liquidation of any isolated outbreaks.

„At the request of the Greek liaison officer, the Romanian forces and means will be deployed in two distinct areas, namely the Kryftes area and the Vilia area. Eight firefighting trucks, three tanks, a water storage intervention truck, a UTV, five first-response and command fire trucks, a multi-risk container and an aerial monitoring team (drone) will be present in the two areas, throughout this day,” informs a press release of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) sent to AGERPRES on Monday.
The medical assistant with the brigade, which includes 61 military firefighters, with 18 means of intervention, will also be present in the Vilia area.

„Yesterday, the Romanian military firefighters were divided into three teams, that acted in different areas. The targeted places were in the mountainous area, something that stretched the firefighters’ capabilities to the limit, given the lack of access roads into the dense forest. The forest fire trucks proved their usefulness, getting close to the affected areas, where Romanian and Greek firefighters intervened to locate and eliminate the hidden outbreaks left by the devastating fires,” the cited source shows.

The drone of the Romanian military firefighters, which flew over the area and gave the possibility to identify the exact vulnerable places also proved to be a real support.

„The missions of the Romanian firefighters ended late at night, when they returned to base,” IGSU said.