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Over 9 million cubic meters of firewood sold in 2020

The volume of firewood sold last year was of 9.128 million cubic meters, and the volume of carving wood rose up to 3.324 million cubic meters.

The volume of timber and other semi-manufactured totalled 35,000 cubic meters, according to the centralized data from the National Institute of Statistics, Agerpres informs.

The average price of the sold firewood was 150.47 RON / cubic meter, while the carving wood’s was 203 RON / cubic meter.
Last year, from the sold wood (gross volume), 73.1% represented firewood, 26.6% carving wood (processed and charted) and only 0.3% was timber and other semi-manufactured, the INS specifies.

Wood mass harvested in 2020 totalled 19.652 million cubic meters (gross volume), with 748,000 cubic meters more than the previous year.

On forest species, softwood represented 42% of the total harvested wood, beech (31.1%), oak (9.6%), various hard species (acacia, maple, ash, walnut, etc.) 10.7% and various soft species (lime, willow, poplar, etc) 6.6%.

Harvested wood in 2020 was intended, in proportion of 95.9% to legal entities which are certified in the activity of forest exploitation and 4.1% for individuals who can exploit wood from the forests they own.

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