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MP Tudor Pop’s draft law; mobile health care law improves access to this type of service

Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance (USR PLUS) MP Tudor Pop has initiated and will submit to Parliament the draft law on mobile health care, which will allow the organization of caravans for patients in disadvantaged areas, with these services to be settled in the health unit.

Pop mentioned that it is important that the legal framework has been created to allow doctors to provide this type of „on-the-go” consultation, which will be settled as a normal service in the health unit.

„At present, doctors cannot second themselves from the unit where they are employed, and these services cannot be settled. So we have solved this problem,” the deputy said.

The President of the National Authority for Quality Management in Health, Vlad Berbecar, stated that this legislative initiative creates the legal framework for the deployment of medical caravans that can provide services in rural areas.

„There is a considerable population that has not been to the doctor in their life or has never had a set of tests. (…) In general, the main provisions of the draft law practically allow doctors or health institutions, outpatient clinics, to carry out the same activity in the form of a mobile outpatient clinic, one day a week, on Friday. Instead of consulting in the normal working hours, they will go in such caravans and offer those services in the villages to the benefit of as many people as possible”, said Berbecar.

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