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‘Iesirea trenurilor din gara’ to premiere in Romanian cinemas on June 18

The documentary „Iesirea trenurilor din gara” (The Exit of the Trains), directed by Radu Jude and historian Adrian Cioflanca, will premiere in Romanian cinemas on June 18.

„The exit of the Trains” is a documentary essay composed entirely of archive photographs and documents of the Iasi Pogrom of June 1941. The first part of the film consists of photographs of the victims, accompanied by voices who recite the documents related to their fate in the massacre. The second part, shorter, is a montage of the remaining photographs of the actual massacre, some of them unique.


The premiere will mark the 80th anniversary of the Iasi Pogrom, one of the most violent massacres in the history of Jews in Romania, the statement said.

The film will have a preview in Iasi, during the Moldova Film Festival (June 2-6), being screened in the Contemporary Masters section. The event is scheduled for June 5, 19:00hrs, at Cub TNI, and will take place in the presence of director Cioflanca.

Script and direction are by Radu Jude and Adrian Cioflanca, soundtrack by Dana Bunescu, and editing by Catalin Cristutiu. Producers are Ada Solomon, Carla Fotea and Radu Jude, and Adrian Cioflanca is an associated producer.

The documentary, which had its world premiere in 2020 at the Berlin International Film Festival, where it was selected to run in the Forum competition section, will be distributed by microMULTILATERAL with support from Romania’s National Filmmaking Centre.

„The Exit of the Trains” is a microFILM and nomada.solo production.

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