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HealthMin: By vaccinating adolescents, we manage to protect them and those they come in contact with

The Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila, underlined, on Friday, in Iasi, the importance of immunizing adolescents against COVID-19, mentioning in this sense that not only they will be protected, but also the people they come in contact with.

The health minister stated that the immunization of adolescents is safe, a fact proven and recommended by two well-known drug associations.

„I think it’s important to vaccinate children, because that way we can allow them to get in easier contact with adults who aren’t vaccinated or who can’t be vaccinated and reduce their risk of getting the disease. Vaccinating children is important for their health. It is proven safe for children. It has been proven by both the European and the American Medicines Association. For this reason, it has been accepted and recommended,” Mihaila said.

She said she wanted as many elderly people as possible to be vaccinated, and family doctors have an important role to play in this, as they know the medical profile of their patients.

„Our goal is to vaccinate as much of the population at risk as possible, ie the elderly and people with comorbidities. For this reason, we are moving more and more intensively to family doctors, giving them the support and everything they need. In fact, it is the family doctor who knows best what the risk profile of all patients is,” said the health minister, reports agerpres.