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European Canoe Sprint Championships: Catalin Chirila, Victor Mihalachi qualify for finals of men’s canoe-2

Catalin Chirila and Victor Mihalachi qualified for the finals of the men’s canoe-2 in the 500 m and 1,000 m events on Thursday at the European Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe Championships in Poznan (Poland).

In the 1,000-metre, in which Romania qualifies for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Chirila and Mihalachi ranked second in the first series, with a time of 3 min 51 sec 851/1000, after the Germans Sebastian Brendel / Tim Hecker (3: 50.588).

In the 500-metre race, Chirila and Mihalachi took third place in the first series, with a time of 1 min 48 sec 067/1000, ahead of the Germans Sebastian Brendel / Tim Hecker (1: 45.793) and the Hungarians Jonatan Hajdu / Adam Fekete (1: 47.240)

In the men’s 1,000-metre canoe-1, Constantin Diba reached the semifinals, after finishing 7th in the second series (4: 31.854). In the 500 m, Diba also managed to qualify for the semifinals with difficulty, finishing 8th in the first series (2: 02.684).

Daniel Burciu and Mihai Serban qualified for the semifinals of the men’s kayak-2 500-metre, after finishing 6th in the third series (1: 40.336).

Constantin Mironescu also won the semifinals in the men’s kayak-1 in the 500-metre, after the third place in the second series (1: 46.858).

In the men’s 1,000-metre kayak-1, Mironescu finished on the 8th place in the third series (3: 57.453), being eliminated.

Burciu and Serban missed the qualification in the men’s 1,000-metre kayak-2 semifinals, after the 9th place won in the first series (3: 41.970).

Neither Camelia Minca nor Ionela Pruna managed to qualify in the semifinals of the women’s 500-metre kayak-2 event, finishing on the 8th place in the first series (2:02.869), reports agerpres.

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