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AUR’s Simion: We vote for any action ending in Citu Cabinet ousting

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) supports any demarche that has as an end „the ousting of the Citu Cabinet,” if the censure motion that they initiated does not pass, said, on Sunday, at Prima TV, deputy George Simion, co-chair of AUR.

„We sign, we vote any demarche that has as an end the ousting of the Citu Cabinet, not only Florin Citu. I don’t know if the others remain, I see that faults have been created and can’t be reconciled, after which they appear again at the head of the Government. I don’t see how such a censure motion wouldn’t pass if the PSD [Social Democrat Party] doesn’t side with them visibly,” said Simion.

Asked how he thinks the current political crisis will be resolved, Simion stated that AUR desires a national union government, according to the percentage in Parliament, or early elections. He rejected as options the restoration of the coalition or a minority government supported by the PSD,” Simion said.

„We don’t want either, neither of the two options is good for the country. We want a government of specialists. Eventually, in accordance with the percentage in Parliament, a national union government. If this isn’t possible and Klaus Iohannis stubbornly insists to not discuss with anyone and do only what he wants, early elections (…) I would count on a large majority, if not all our MPs, voting and being willing to have early elections for the good of Romania with a new parliamentary majority, to correspond to the will of Romanians,” Simion claimed.

Simion also said that the party has received around 2 million euro as subsidy from the Permanent Electoral Authority in the eight months since the party is in Parliament, and requested the party be allowed to build a burns hospital, as they are not using it, Agerpres informs.